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Arkansas Alligator Hunting Season a Good One!

The 10th annual Arkansas alligator hunting season wrapped up on September 26, but not before a record-setting 64 alligators had been harvested in two weekends of gator hunting. With the number of harvested gators at an all time high, does that mean the alligator population in Arkansas is on the rise? Not necessarily. According to […]

Alligator Consumption in South Carolina

Hunters love taking to the outdoors and enjoying the rewards of a successful harvest, but some caution should be taken in consuming alligator meat. In appears alligator hunters may be exposed to mercury through the reptile’s meat. In conjunction with the limited harvest of alligators, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is issuing recommendations […]

Georgia Alligator Hunting Application

Georgia has an general alligator hunting season each fall. To hunt alligators in the state of Georgia, you must apply online each year. It is recommended that hunters do not purchase an alligator license until after being selected. Otherwise your license will not help you. An alligator hunting license does not entitle you to harvest […]

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