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Alligator Hunting

Season Dates for Alligator Hunting in Mississippi

Alligator Dates Set in Mississippi It’s not even summer but we got alligator hunting on our minds! And, yes, the dates have been set for 2016 alligator hunting season in Mississippi. The Commission on Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, on April 20, approved the final rule changes for the 2016 alligator hunting season on public waters […]

Alligator Hunting in Florida: It May Get Easier

The hunting of them was not always allowed; they were off limits for years. But alligator hunting in Florida was resumed in 1988 after the state population of this former endangered species rapidly recovered. Now residents have them everywhere—backyards, ditches and everywhere in between. But rising steadily, along with the increased gator population, has been […]

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