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Big Alligator in South Carolina

Big South Carolina Alligator

When hunters usually think about alligator hunting the state of South Carolina does not immediately come to mind, but this state is apparently home to some really big alligators. Well, at least there was one big alligator in South Carolina. It’s probably more like 1 less big alligator because I know the marshes and rivers out there probably have some more big reptiles that need to be tamed.

The big male alligator featured in these photos was actually harvested in 2009 in South Carolina. This big male went 14 feet in length and weighed in at a scale-stressing 1,000 pounds. Now that is a bunch of fried alligator tail and one hell of an alligator hide! I guess you know it’s a big alligator when you need a tractor with a front-end loader to pick it up.

South Carolina has a limited alligator hunting season with conservative harvest. In the United States, the American alligator is doing quite well and many states along the Gulf Coast also hunt alligator. The photos below were taken at an alligator meat processing and taxidermy in Charleston, South Carolina.

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