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Georgia Alligator Hunting Application

Georgia has an general alligator hunting season each fall. To hunt alligators in the state of Georgia, you must apply online each year. It is recommended that hunters do not purchase an alligator license until after being selected. Otherwise your license will not help you. An alligator hunting license does not entitle you to harvest an alligator.

Gator hunters must first be selected through the quota hunt application process. Up to 3 individuals may apply as a party for alligator quota permits. However, no more than 3 individuals can be accepted as a party. When applying as a party, each applicant must allocate an equal number of priority points in order for the party application to be accepted.

Additionally, each alligator applicant must maintain a valid mailing address in their customer account. For more information on the quota application process in Georgia or to apply for an alligator hunting permit, go to their website and review the “Quota Hunts & Information” section. The deadline for alligator draw permit applications is July 31 for 2010.

No person under the age of 12 may apply for an alligator hunting permit or accompany a permitted alligator hunter during a gator hunt. In addition, it is unlawful for an adult to permit any child between the ages of 12 to 15 to hunt without adult supervision, unless the child possesses a Hunter Education Certificate while alligator hunting.

When applying for an alligator permit in Georgia, anyone submitting false information or more than one alligator hunt application will be disqualified and may be excluded from future hunts for up to 2 years.

Alligator hunters will be selected for a specified alligator hunting zone. Open zones for alligator hunting and the number of permits for each zone are listed under “Open Zones.” No more than 3 total zone selections are allowed per alligator permit application.

Hunters selected for alligator permits will be notified and receive a harvest permit and temporary alligator harvest tag by mail. Alligator permits and tags are not transferable to other hunters and are only valid for the management zone and harvest period indicated and must be in possession while hunting. Hunters not selected will receive a priority point, which may be applied to future alligator permit applications.

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