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How to Capture Alligators for Harvest

It is unlawful to kill or attempt to kill an unrestrained alligator during the Public Alligator Hunting Season. Alligators must first be captured alive prior to shooting or otherwise dispatching the animal. In order to capture an alligator, the hunter must first secure a restraining line to the animal. Several methods may be used to attach a restraining line to an alligator, including handheld snares, harpoons, gigs, arrows or snatch hooks. It is up to the individual hunter to decide which method will work best for their situation and skill level. Successful hunters often have more than one capture device onboard in order to be able to select a device best suited to the immediate capture opportunity. Also, having a secondary device can allow a hunt to continue when the primary capture device malfunctions or if it is inadvertently dropped overboard. Once the restraining line is attached, the alligator should be retrieved with moderate pressure applied to the line. It is important to note that pulling too hard on the restraining line will often cause it to pull loose. A snare should be cautiously attached to the alligator once it is adjacent to the boat. It is best to use a snare that has been attached to a pole with either a rubber band or a piece of tape so that it will “break-away” upon pulling the snare secure around the animal’s neck. Alligators typically thrash when the snare is applied, but should calm down after they tire from struggling.

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