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Farm-Raised Alligator Hunting?

If you are coming to Florida to hunt real wild alligators, be sure that the hunting service you select offers them. Make sure they are wild alligators not ones purchased at alligator farms and placed into an area just prior to the hunt. (Yes, this does occur.) Research how to tell the difference between a farm gator and a wild gator. Farm gators (called brood gators) are usually very heavy (fat) in weight. Their heads are very flat and wide. The large gators usually have moss growing on them from just laying around and they are not very weary of humans. Remember that gators over 9 feet in length are always males. Large males didn’t get that way from being stupid. Chances are if the alligator is nine or ten feet in length he has been hunted before by someone by legal or illegal means and is very aware of his environment around him. They have excellent eyesight, hearing and sense of smell.

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