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Alligator Processing

Alligator meat may be processed and stored in a fashion similar to that for deer, hog and other game animals. While the tail meat is the most popular consumable meat of alligators, it is not the only edible portion. Many people find the ribs, legs, etc. very good. All packages of alligator meat transferred, transported, or stored, must be labelled “SC Alligator” and have the harvest tag number prominently displayed on each package

Certain of our hunting packages include processing and some don’t. The reason for this is some clients like to take their alligators complete (as harvested). For the hunts that processing is not included, we can process your alligator for you at an additional charge. The skinning of your alligator will depend on the type of mount you desire.

Clients who plan on having their hide tanned for product such as boots, purse, belts, etc. and are having the head shoulder mounted or table mounted or having the head used in a glass table mounted environment (such as the one pictured below) will have their alligator skinned using one method. The cost for this method of skinning is based on $20.00 per foot.

Clients who plan on having a full body mount or are having it utilized for any rug type mount will be skinned using a different method. The cost for this method of skinning is based on $25.00 per foot.

We have an ice plant and cold storage available to us for use in our hunts. Your alligator will need to be iced down and stored for 24 hours prior to processing. Clients wishing to retain the meat from their alligator will need to bring a cooler for transporting the meat.

All meat processed from these hunts may not be sold to other individuals. The meat can be given away to other individuals by the trapper or agent but cannot be sold commercially.

This case is approximately five feet long, two feet wide and thirty inches in height. The case shown contains a shoulder mount of an alligator approximately eleven feet in length.

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