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Alligator Hunting Using Snares

Using the snare, carefully pull the alligator’s snout up against the side of the boat (to the edge of the gunnel) and press the top of the snout closed with a stick to secure. A gaff can also be used to pull the head against the boat’s gunnel. Never place your hand or foot next to an alligator’s jaw because they can snap sideways very quickly and cause serious injury. A rope (tossed or guided by a stick rather than your hand) can be used to temporarily secure the jaw. Once this temporary method is applied, the jaw should then be completely secured by wrapping it several times with high quality duct tape or electrical tape. It is a good idea to have more than one roll of tape in case one tape roll is dropped in the water. As a final measure, the spinal cord should be severed at the base of the skull before placing the alligator in the bottom of the boat. Remember, the jaws should always remain taped shut when handling or transporting an “apparently” dead alligator.

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