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Alligator Hunting Tips for South Carolina

Hunting is rarely easy. If it was easy to find what you’re looking for then why would they bother to call it hunting at all? However, like any type of hunt, there are some things that you can do to increase your chances of being success on your next alligator hunt. First, purchase your gator hunting equipment and become familiar with it before you take to the field.

Obtain maps of the zone where you were plan on hunting and familiarize yourself with the area. You are entering the alligator’s natural habitat, so learn how gators think and where they will be. Determine who will accompany you on the hunt (i.e. select a guide if desired) and ensure that everyone that plans on going with you has appropriate hunting licenses and/or tags.

Determine who will handle each responsibility during the course of the hunt (i.e. drive the boat, snare, dispatch, etc.). If you plan to hunt on private property, it is recommended that you obtain written permission from the landowner to be on the property and have it in your possession while hunting.

Learn how to properly skin an alligator and develop a plan on how you are going to cool the alligator as quickly as possible once it is harvested. Because boating at night inherently involves risk, inform a reliable person of your plans, including boat and vehicle descriptions, other people who are hunting with you, when you are generally expected to return, and whom to contact if you do not return when expected (similar to a boating “float plan”).

Lastly, keep your hunting permit and alligator tag in a safe place. It is not easy to get replacements. Also, do not allow anyone to handle the harvest tag as once it is locked because it cannot be opened without breaking the tag. And once you break the tag, your successful alligator hunt starts to look very fishy from a game wardens point of view.

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