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Legal Means for Alligator Hunting in Texas


hook and line (line set)*

alligator gig*–A lawful gig is a pole or staff equipped with at least one of the following: immovable prongs; two or more springloaded grasping arms; or a detachable head.

lawful archery equipment and barbed arrow*

handheld snare with integral locking mechanism*

lawful firearms (in noncore counties ONLY). Firearms are not lawful on special properties. *NOTICE: A line of at least 300pound test must be securely attached to all taking devices. Unattended hookbearing lines must be attached to a stationary object capable of maintaining a portion of the line above water when an alligator is caught on the line. A line attached to an arrow, snare, or gig must have a float attached when used to take alligators. The float shall be no less than six inches by six inches by eight inches, or, if the float is spherical, no less than eight inches in diameter.

In core counties and on special properties, no person shall set more than one line per unused hide tag in possession. In all other counties (except for special properties), no person shall set more than one line.

In core counties and on special properties, all line sets shall be secured at one end on the tract of land specified for the hide tags. In all other counties (except for special properties), line sets shall be secured at one end on private property (with the consent of the owner of the property).

In all counties, each baited line shall be labeled with a plainly visible, permanent, and legibly marked gear tag that contains:
the full name and current address of the person who set the line;
the hunting license number of the person who set the line; and
a valid hide tag number, if the line is set on a property for which hide tags have been issued.

In all counties, line sets shall be inspected daily, and alligators shall be killed, tagged or documented, and removed immediately upon discovery.

It is lawful to hunt alligators with any legal firearm, including muzzleloading weapons, except in core counties.

It is unlawful to use rimfire ammunition to hunt alligators.

It is unlawful to hunt alligators with a fully automatic firearm or any firearm equipped with a silencer or soundsuppressing device.

Alligators may by hunted by means of firearms ONLY on private property (including private waters wholly within private property).

Alligators MAY NOT be hunted by means of firearms from, on, in, across, or over public water.

Alligators lawfully caught on a taking device may be dispatched by means of firearms in all counties.

Hookbearing lines may not be set prior to the general open season and shall be removed no later than sunset of the last day of the open season.

From sunset to onehalf hour before sunrise, only line sets may be used to hunt alligators; however, during this time no person shall set any baited line capable of taking an alligator and no person shall remove alligators from line sets.

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