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Getting Alligator Tags in Texas


Alligator tags may be issued in any county; however, only lands designated as alligator habitat by the department are eligible for tag issuance.

Landowners or landowners’ agents must certify total acreage owned or represented on a form prescribed by the department. Landowners and/or landowners’ agents should be prepared to present proof of ownership if questions arise regarding the ownership of any tract of land. Proof of ownership would include a copy of the property tax receipt, deed, etc. A map showing boundaries of the property would also be helpful in processing your application.

Noncontiguous properties cannot be combined to increase the number of tags issued.

Multiple landowners may pool their lands for purposes of tag issuance; however, only one of the landowners may act as a landowner’s agent for the other property owners.

Issuance rates for alligator tags will be determined by the department.

Acreage in a particular habitat must meet or exceed tag quota ratios established by the department in order to qualify for tag issuance.

Special surveys for areas outside the habitat issuance zones established by the department will be scheduled during the first three weeks of June. Reservations will be taken on a firstcome, firstserved basis. Landowners must request the survey, and transportation on the property must be provided to perform the survey.

The department will not issue additional tags for any property determined to be at maximum issuance level. However, the department will review requests for additional tags if the request includes additional biological data to justify additional tag issuance, nuisance complaints to the department that have not been resolved, documented loss of livestock, etc.

Lost or stolen tags will not be replaced. Damaged tags will be replaced upon submission of the damaged or broken tags.

Landowners or their agents receiving alligator hide tags are responsible for ensuring that all required reports are accurately completed and submitted to the department by the established deadlines.
If you have any questions, please contact the Alligator Program at (409) 7362551 ext. 23 or 25.

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