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The hunting of American Alligator is legal in the United States. However, these animals are highly regulated both within the country and internationally. For those of you interested on heading out gator hunting, here are some states that hunt gators and the dates of their alligator hunting season. If you have any questions, please contact the agencies listed below or leave a comment. Also, if you have additional information, please leave it in the comments section below and I will be sure to add it.


In the state of Florida, alligator can be hunted throughout the year on both private and public waters.


The alligator hunting season in Georgia starts in early September during the fall of each year. In 2010, the hunting season begins on September 4 and runs through October 2.


The alligator hunting season in Louisiana begins on the first Wednesday in September and continues for 30 days.


There has been an alligator hunting season in Mississippi since 2005. Alligator hunting permits are quite limited, but there are two gator hunting zones open to the public. All permits are issued by a computer based lottery. In addition, there is a private lands alligator hunting season that encompasses 13 counties. Hunts on public lands are typically on 2 days in late September and then an additional 2 days in early October. The hunting season for private lands starts in mid-September and runs through early October.

South Carolina

You can hunt alligator in South Carolina from the second Saturday in September through the second Saturday in October.


Alligator can be hunted in the state of Texas from September 10 through September 30 in the fall. Texas also has a spring season for alligators in none-core counties from April 1 to June 30. No person can hunt alligator in core counties without a CITES tag. For more information call 409-736-2551.


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  1. My husband would like to go alligator hunting but has never gone before and I was wondering if there are places down there that could take him. I have family in mississippi and it would be most ideal to go there.

  2. I watch Swamp People and notice when they go gator hunting they all wear white boots. Is there a reason behind this.

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