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You have a few options when planning to head out out alligator hunting. Most states that have an open alligator season have at least some public lands where hunters can hunt gator. From my experience, many of these public hunting areas and wildlife management areas have good populations of alligators. However, private lands are another option for taking your trophy gator. 

Gator hunting guide deliverd on this hunt!

Regulations will vary from state to state, but alligator hunting guides can put you on gators year-in and year-out. Guides may hunt both public and private lands, depending on the state, and most of them offer very high success rates. Of course, hiring a guide will cost more, but if you have no idea what you’re doing out there, then it’s probably your best bet for putting an alligator in the boat.

Alligator hunting for many people is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The great thing about guides is that they have all the necessary alligator hunting equipment. Why go out and buy thousands of dollars worth of gear for gator hunting that you may never us again? Most alligator guides use marsh-ready boats that have been designed for safety and stability while hunting alligators.

These alligator hunters are loading the boat!

In addition, guides are familar with the best methods of hunting alligators in their area. Whether you are using them to hunt public or private water, they can teach you the techniques that work and put you in the right area to increase your odds of taking a gator. Reading alligator habitat is not always straight forward, and most guides have years of experience of doing just that. There are many pros to hiring an alligator hunting guide for your trip, and they can help catch, tag, and process your gator.

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