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Alligator Hunting Equipment Checklist

Alligator hunting permit, alligator harvest tag and state hunting license. ̙̙
If hunting on private land, written permission from landowner. ̙̙
Boat and required equipment such as functioning running lights and life ̙̙jackets (Please note that SCDNR encourages all hunters to wear a life jacket while in a boat).
Lighting equipment. A light may be used. ̙̙
Preferred capture equipment: snare, gig, harpoon or arrow. ̙̙
Restraint equipment: snare for neck and snare for snout. ̙̙
Preferred dispatch equipment: handgun or bangstick (no other firearms are ̙̙allowed to be in your possession while alligator hunting).
Knife to cut into alligator’s tail to insert the temporary alligator harvest tag. ̙̙
Preferred cooling method. ̙̙
Processing plans. ̙̙

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