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Hunting alligator can be relatively easy if you have the right gear, but most people do not own the necessary alligator hunting equipment. For the most part, the equipment necessary to hunt alligators is specialized and relatively expensive. In most cases, hunters will need a boat of sort type and this is typically the most expensive part of gator hunting.

In addition to an outboard motor boat or airboat, some of the equipment that you can use for gator hunting, depending on the state, are a bow, crossbow, harpoon, snatch hook with a fishing pole. Other items required for hunting these reptiles may include bangsticks, shotgun, rifle, gaffs, lights, lines, and bug spray. Keep in mind that regulations vary from state to state, so what’s legal for alligator hunting in one state is not in another.

Legal equipment for hunting alligators varies from state to state. 

Out of habit, most hunters wear camoflauge when chasing gators. Clothes are not that important if you are fishing for gators, but if you are attempting to harpoon or arrow an alligator, then wearing camoflauged or dark clothing is advised. Light clothing stands out, and when hunting at night it reflects light. You will also want sturdy, close-toed shoes with a good grip that will get wet. This is almost a given once you invade alligator habitat.

Most hunters will want to document their adventures and hopefully their successful gator harvest, so cameras and video cameras are a good idea. Luckly, modern technology has allowed the items to be very small in size. This also makes them easy to lose or drop. Any time you are on a boat items have the potential of going overboard, maybe even with you! If you do bring such items, keep them tucked away in a waterproof case until they are needed.

Airboats are great alligator hunting equipment to have!

Lastly, bring anything that you need or use on a regular basis. This can include such things as medication, replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses. You will also want to bring your alligator tag, water, snacks, rope, a knife, a tarp, and coolers with ice if you plan on skinning and processing the alligator yourself.

This list covers most of the alligator hunting equipment that you should need while hunting these large reptiles. If you can think of anything else needed, please share with everyone by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


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  1. If you gator hunt you want to have a treble hook, a knife, a cooler, bait, a lot of line (rope), hooks, a 22 rifle, and a role of electrical tape. After catching and dispatching it, tie it up. If the gator has any signs of life, shoot it again. You need to bring skill, you’re gonna need it, trust me.

  2. what gun should i use [22] [2 22] [3030] [30/6]
    or 12 gage

  3. .22?! I don’t think I’d go with a .22. The bangsticks I have seen on the market are. 357 or .44 mags. I think a 12 guage would be best with a slug or 00 Buck. Just my opinion.

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